This week I am experiencing an abundance of joy, pride, and accomplishment!
My dress for Wednesday awards night at convention is ordered. Should be arriving soon. I’ve booked my ride to and from the airport/Rio hotel!! YAY! Thank you CeeJay so much for this service that he provides to us consultants while we are in his fabulous city. YAY Las Vegas baby!!

A friend booked a party with me. And I’ve been having a blast with the facebook event guest questionaire. I get to share information about my business, obtain information to better assist me in giving a great party with what the guests are interested in seeing. I get more time to share why you should book a party with me and the goodies you will receive. SO much fun! For the 1st time I could be getting a booking from a party. So that is so totally exciting to me!!

It is fun to me to give discounts to the guests. By answering my questions on the event they are earning points for each action they answer. The points are worth specific a amount of discount on item of their choice. Who doesn’t love to save money! AND before they even walk through the door of the party!!

There are more and more of my team going to convention too! YAY! Won’t be all by my lonesome at this event! And I get to room w/ one of our newest team members that I really like. Looking forward to next year already when another one will be able to go. SO excited to meet these spectacular ladies in person. And they live in Bakersfield, where my sister and family live. So, that would give me even more incentive to go visit my parents! 😀 Like I need a reason to go visit. *lol* I miss them so much. and want to go home so badly sometimes. (I lived there for 4 years) But I think about my kids and grand kids here in Wyoming. I just do not know how I would ever leave them… 


2nd Elevation

Shades of Winter

During the month of October I elevated up to Team Leader!!

Very very exciting! Now I can earn commission/bonus checks! Wooohooo!!! And so I did earn a downline commission check.
As a team leader I earn 3% of the retail that my downline (consultants that I have signed are called my 1st line or 1st downline).
I earn 2% of everything my 2nd line brings in. (figures are always in retail not total dollars).
The 2nd downline would be consultants that my consultants have signed. 

I do not yet have a 2nd line. 

I feel very ready to add more consultants to my team though!