Party No.6

 What a blast!!! My 6th party was so much fun & so funny! I even shocked & surprised the hostess. How funny! Me? Say something shocking? Do something wild and surprising?? *giggles*!!!
I met 3 new fabulous ladies! Who knew there were such fun people around!
Hostess is keeping the party open til Sunday to give the guests a chance to talk things over w/ their partners. Hope my hostess gets really great sales though, so she can get some really fabulous goodies. We can’t wait to have another party =D

I elevated up one level in the company last month. It should be changed and viewable online here w/in the next few days. My title will change from Qualified Consultant to Team Leader! wooohooo!!! So totally excited =} And I’ve already made my minimum qualifications for November & still working on getting my retail sales up though. As well as encouraging my consultants to get up past $100.00 between them all.

I’ve set a team retail sales goal of $350.00 for the month of November
I hope we make it & stomp it!




Making Progress

baby steps… right 🙂

Today was a really good day. I was sick all last week & got back to work today. It was really good to get to chat with my home healthcare clients and see them. Then when I got home I followed thru on a plan I had of contacting my team members about ‘Plans of Action’. I had wanted to call 3 people today. I did. No answer. So, I sent e-mails instead. 2 are team members. 1 is a customer. No call back from her at all. Everyone must have been either really busy today or still sleeping off the weekend *giggles*

Picking up ‘the 500 lb phone’ today was easier each time I did it 🙂 And I felt really energetic for following through on something that I knew I needed to do.

Tomorrow my daughter Nicole and I are going to go out prospecting for parties. I still have samples made from last week. And I will hit the streets tomorrow passing out my goodies!