This morning I took advantage of a wonderful gift from Passion Parties corporate office!!

For one day, consultants can put in any size order at a 50% discount!

I put in $73.50 in retail and only paid 50.20! woohoo!!!

I’ve added to my demo, sample supplies, and passion points!




Party No.6

 What a blast!!! My 6th party was so much fun & so funny! I even shocked & surprised the hostess. How funny! Me? Say something shocking? Do something wild and surprising?? *giggles*!!!
I met 3 new fabulous ladies! Who knew there were such fun people around!
Hostess is keeping the party open til Sunday to give the guests a chance to talk things over w/ their partners. Hope my hostess gets really great sales though, so she can get some really fabulous goodies. We can’t wait to have another party =D

I elevated up one level in the company last month. It should be changed and viewable online here w/in the next few days. My title will change from Qualified Consultant to Team Leader! wooohooo!!! So totally excited =} And I’ve already made my minimum qualifications for November & still working on getting my retail sales up though. As well as encouraging my consultants to get up past $100.00 between them all.

I’ve set a team retail sales goal of $350.00 for the month of November
I hope we make it & stomp it!



Party No.5-Lander,Wy.

My 5th party has been my most memorable party for so many different reasons. My very 1st G-spot party!! woohoo!! Which in Passion Parties refers to a party with over $1,000.00 in retail sales. Sold my very 1st Lelo Soraya! Which is a high end adult novelty. (retail price $199.00) Great great group of fun open ladies! MY kind of crowd. They asked questions, wanted to see products, and all had a really great time and so did I. THAT is the kind of party I have been wanting so bad!! I’m very very happy with this party. I drove the 3 hours over to Lander. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’d much rather drive south than north to Billings, Montana… The hostess was very happy with her hostess discounts. She was able to get the lelo for 1/2 price and $75.00 off the rest of her order. So it was exciting for me too, to be able to get such good deals on the goodies she wanted. Her discounts were so awesome she even threw in another item *lol*

I am ready to add a new consultant to my team again now. Almost signed one from this party. I met a gal that would be SO perfect. But she wasn’t 100% ready to commit to the cost of a demo kit on top of her order I think. So I let her take some info home & she said she would call me later on.

Fabulous Day!

Fabulous Divalicious day today. I have 3  home healthcare clients on Thursdays. 1 of them grows quite a lot of her own herbs and things. I got a bunch of fresh chives from her today. I always enjoy talking herbs n’ stuff with anyone who will listen. *lol* Maybe I will be able to get some starters for lavender and rosemary too. ?

I took a customer her passion parties order at work. Which also gave me the opportunity to talk to other ladies about my business. I handed out 3 more cards, booked a party for later on this month. woohooo!!! Last night I went to 1 of the bars with my husband to pick up a case of bacon he ordered from the cysco delivery & I passed out 4 samples with my biz card in cute pink organza bags & talked to them about the breast cancer awareness deal I have going for the month of October. I also threw in 2 samples with the order I delivered.

I’d say if you can deliver to customer’s place of business. Go for it!! There is a big potential for future bookings. They are going to show everyone what they got. If they like what they ordered, they are going to talk about it to their co-workers, etc… I am very discreet with my delivery. I use passion parties delivery sacks. Which does not display their name on the sack. It’s pretty, its attractive. I enclose their bill of sale inside the sack. And I staple the sack closed.

During the month of October – anyone who books a party with me gets an automatic 20% off their total order.
Take notice that I said ‘books’ not ‘holds their party in October’ 😉
In addition to all the other totally cool freebies & discounts you will get as a hostess.

Hold your party on the original date – 20% off any item.

The sales of your party without the hostess order is $250.00 or more then you get 30% off any item.
To read more about my hostess rewards program: (click ‘special offers’)

Have a Passion filled day 😉 ~ Julie

Wonderful Day!

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🙂 I started back to work (home healthcare) today; from my Washington vacation/PassionPower-Seattle. Did a lil’ prayer this morning before work. Had a terrific day. Got to work on my own for the 1st time today. I wasn’t running way behind or feeling lost or anything like that. The highlight of my day though was […]

1st Official Party


wooohoo! I’ve had my 1st official and successful party! SO much fun. Great group of fun ladies!
((((thank you Sam)))  Retail sales were almost $500.00! Woohoo!!! Now I’ll be a qualified consultant
as soon as I place the order online.

I have 50 Shades of Grey books on their way to me now. So I can do Shades of Grey Passion Parties. Which I
am SO excited to do. Those will be so much fun!