Today I’ve written out my Passion Parties goals and business new year resolutions. I still have to come up with a schedule and create a visual table of that & print it out.

But I started back reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.
The Magic*click on book to view or purchase at Amazon*
Which is living a life through gratitude. Based on the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Feel, think & act negatively and that is what you will get more of in your life. Feel, think, & act positively in your life. And more of the same will come your way.

I’ve written my 10 blessings. Which, tomorrow I will begin doing this every morning for the next 27 days ( instead of hoping on the computer right away).
I’ve pick out my magic rock also. I’ve chosen a medium sized amethyst polished stone. It will remain under my pillow or someplace nearby that I can see, but my cats Thor & Isis won’t be able to get to. (Then I’d never find it!) lol
The gratitude practice is to each morning write out 10 things that I am thankful or feel blessed to have in my life. And write why I feel thankful or grateful.
Read through my list outloud or silently. Say thank you, thank you, thank you after each one. When I go to bed hold my smooth pretty amethyst stone. And think of everything that happened through the day, find the memory that I am most thankful for. Focus on it. Put my stone away. Now I am ending and beginning day with gratitude! 😀





My prize – for entering the November contest – Beat Your Best. Which was to beat our best retail sales from the previous November. And new consultants could register and win by just having any sales at all. I had over $700.00 in retail sales for November.

Excited about Convention 2013

I am looking forward to convention so much!!!

Passion Parties 19th Annual Convention: December 10-13th 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada – Rio Hotel!

Convention has been the goal the whole time. I wanted to experience convention before I even signed on with passion parties. I want to experience it all. Meeting all sorts of new people, the speakers always sound so amazing, I can tell there is just such a high amount of energy and bonding. self asteem building… My airline ticket is purchased! Hotel room booked! Now I’m trying to save money & looking at clothing and shoes and nails and jewelry lol oh my! Trying to control the amount that I spend though. I need to keep the expense of preparing to go very low. So, I’m actually thinking about doing some 2nd hand shopping. But of course I can dream. So I’ve been looking at e-bay and things online…

Candidates for Dresses darkstargothic-witchypagancelticelvish-dresspurplepagandress-polyvore



Candidates for Shoes 

redvelvetheelsAt 1st I luved the faery style dresses on top. The wine or the purple would be perfect for me. And I really want to not break my neck in high heels and was thinking about wearing boots.

3832-271469-pThen I started really leaning towards the gray dress with hot pink boots or the black dress with hotpink boots: imageslilgraydresslilblackdress

Now I really really like the red dress! *lol* These dresses are $36.00 available in red, hotpink, gray, black, and royal blue at e-bay

lilreddress$(KGrHqEOKjEE31zulztkBN-sqtSttg~~0_3  redvelvetheelstumblr_m9ksn9iMY51rek3kao1_500And these are pretty too. Lavender/purple has always been my favorite color. I don’t know if I will go with something in that color or go with my impulse to be different this time *lol*

$(KGrHqNHJEgFDTE6vHM3BQ05(kE3)!~~60_12Well at least I still have 3 months to decide *giggles*

OR! — If I get a black dress I can get the gorgeous lavender shoes pictured above!

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2013 Passion Resolution

My 2013 Passion Parties Business Resolution

I will take a deliberate dedicated approach to my business.

  • I will be on all team calls and elevation calls no matter how tired I am from my nursing job
  • I will keep my Team Leader status by generating over $300.00 in personal retail sales every month
  • I will elevate beyond Team Leader to the next elevation of Team Manager
  • I will take advantage of every opportunity to spread passion in and outside of my community, by talking about my business proudly
  • I will organize my home, my business, my mind and workspace
  • I will write a schedule, stick to it, and run a successful business because of it
  • I am always prepared with pretty samples & business card handouts in my purse.
  • I will read my ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne book everyday & write out my 10 blessings each morning
  • I will meditate everyday to manage my depression & anxiety
  • I will never give up

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2nd Elevation

Shades of Winter

During the month of October I elevated up to Team Leader!!

Very very exciting! Now I can earn commission/bonus checks! Wooohooo!!! And so I did earn a downline commission check.
As a team leader I earn 3% of the retail that my downline (consultants that I have signed are called my 1st line or 1st downline).
I earn 2% of everything my 2nd line brings in. (figures are always in retail not total dollars).
The 2nd downline would be consultants that my consultants have signed. 

I do not yet have a 2nd line. 

I feel very ready to add more consultants to my team though!

Lucky No.7 Party!

shadesofwinter-imageA private party for my daughter and her boyfriend mark lucky #7. What a fun evening of laughs with them. They are so funny.

Last month I elevated to Team Leader! WoooHooo!! I am a blessed woman. So happy go be making progress in the company, growing my business. I earned my very 1st commission check! Wooohooo!!! THAT is very exciting.
I’m handing out more samples when I’m just out & about doing everyday type things. I don’t need a special reason to go hand out samples and talk about my business. Handed out 2 sample bags before it even hit noon.

I’ve been making up pretty purple organza bags with my business card inside & a personal note written on the back and a sample inside of either plumeria creamy massage oil, or coconut lemongrass sugar scrub. They both smell divine!!

Hugs & Blessings ~ Julie

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Party No.6

 What a blast!!! My 6th party was so much fun & so funny! I even shocked & surprised the hostess. How funny! Me? Say something shocking? Do something wild and surprising?? *giggles*!!!
I met 3 new fabulous ladies! Who knew there were such fun people around!
Hostess is keeping the party open til Sunday to give the guests a chance to talk things over w/ their partners. Hope my hostess gets really great sales though, so she can get some really fabulous goodies. We can’t wait to have another party =D

I elevated up one level in the company last month. It should be changed and viewable online here w/in the next few days. My title will change from Qualified Consultant to Team Leader! wooohooo!!! So totally excited =} And I’ve already made my minimum qualifications for November & still working on getting my retail sales up though. As well as encouraging my consultants to get up past $100.00 between them all.

I’ve set a team retail sales goal of $350.00 for the month of November
I hope we make it & stomp it!