1st Game!


The winner of the 1st game will recieve a gift certificate worth 10% off one item.

Grab a piece of paper everyone, or notepad if you wish.
The 1st person finished is going to reply to this message and recieve a special gift.

You are going to put down the names of 2 friends, 2 co-workers, 2 neighbors,
2 family members and 2 community professionals (like a grocery store clerk, cosmetologist, college class mate, drugstore cashier, daycare provider, etc…)

Remember – the 1st one to hit reply!

and wahlah! Now you have your guest list ready for your passion party!
And I’m looking for ladies just like yourself to join my team today πŸ™‚


Everyone with a cell phone, take it out. Go to your contacts. Add me as a contact – because I don’t want this to just be a one night stand! *lol*
So enter me as a new contact with name of Passion Julie or Passion Jules. Doesn’t matter which. If you can’t recall my name you will most likely remember you were at a Passion Party. number – 307-899-2946 The 1st one to text me the word GSPOT will win a certificate for 10% off 1 item.

Now, anytime someone brings up the subject of passion parties; you can say you have the number of a consultant! You can schedule a party with me, or join my team, or go shopping online anytime you want. You might as well save my website link with my number too πŸ˜€, and why not throw in my e-mail addy as well. πŸ˜‰



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