Well I made it to my first convention and I must say it was so very very incredible, amazing, transformational, invigorating, inspiring, and every positive motivating expressive adjective or verb you can think of! I will never forget it. I don’t mind sharing with you that my success is a work in progress. One of my main reasons for wanting to go to convention is the board breaking. For the past year I have been watching videos about the Breaking through to success learning pod. (what you might know as a seminar in passion parties – at convention are called pods)
And I knew that I wanted to go to convention to learn how to break through my negative tendencies, thought processes and BREAK that board in half! I did it on the 1st try!! And it was extra emotional for me because it was my sister holding the board. Not just a passion sister. My real life biological sister. *lol*

my sister holding my board

my sister holding my board

BROKE my board

I Broke my board!

Funny that breaking a board felt like a piece of air. I don’t remember feeling the board against my hand at all. I guess I was just so intent on doing it. But yet at the same time when I did I was so surprised. My sister hugged and kissed me and I cried. *lol*

And breaking that board was so much more important to me than walking the stage to receive my Team Leader pin. The board breaking is spiritual and emotional in nature.

There were so many wonderful experiences at convention! I got my nose re-pierced. wooohoo! Part of reinstating myself… Being myself.. and not sacrificing that for anyone, or any job!
I got to meet up with friends I made at Passion Power the summer before. Special connections I made, friendships and bonds that will last the rest of my life. 3 ladies I did not know before August of 2012 but are now friends for life.  Jessica Guild from Alaska, Vinnie Hughes from Idaho, and Deb Burrell from Montana. Then there were the ladies I’ve connected with over the past year on facebook. Yup!  I got to meet some of those friends in person now too!! My passion pal (accountability buddy) Alecia Olson from Minnesota. woohoo!! A midwestern gal from my backyard of Minnesota 😉 And I also got to meet up with Jackey Toombs who I have chatted w/ a lot on facebook. We cheer each other on during the good times and encourage one another during the down times.


We were all treated like royalty the entire time. Wonderful healthy lunches and dinners with edible art-like desserts. Australia’s Thunder Downunder strippers! Games! Prizes! Inspiring Speakers! – like Dr. Drew, Brian Biro and our million dollar club consultants giving us tips, do’s and don’ts. And so so much more!

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Next year we will be at the Mirage!!

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