Day 19 of my Gratitude blessings list! And positive energy is already beginning to increase.
A lot of my lists involve being grateful for my business opportunities, consultants, money, …
And that is now beginning to increase!

Registration is now open for annual convention!!! wooohoo!!! I have chosen the learning pods that I want to participate in. SO excited!!
*ugh* 2 months to go until I can go. Now to work on having more money! I need to change my flight ticket so I can have a suit case checked. That will cost
$30.00 to make changes to my reservation. And I will need spending money as well. And I’m hoping to buy some clothing and shoes.

It will all come 🙂

I am thankful for my parents and my sister helping me out so much & for my husband buying my plane ticket




A Lot of New Beginnings


2013 holds great promise & great change for me.

day 4 of  The Magic practices. 10 gratitude blessings written in paper journal – check!

I am also starting a 21 day sugar detox. Part of my promises to myself is to be a healthier me. Sugar is part of the key. I stopped drinking my orange sunkist pop over a month ago. So that right there is a big step in the right direction. I had a couple of pieces of pizza yesterday and woke up feeling sooo sick to my stomach, dizzy, unbalanced like my equilibrium was way off, and headachey too. Just generally feel like crap. And really hungry! Like I didn’t even eat.

I am very thankful that I found one online that is free. I don’t have money to invest in a book or anything right now.

Lets see, according to my schedule since its Wednesday I’ve designated today as a free choice day for my business. I can choose to do anything I think I need to do.
I just added that in today. So, I’ll have to go back & edit my online copy of my schedule. I have been feeling like getting back into the groove of my business. I’ve been very sick the past few months. And I’m feeling better. At least I can focus on my business now. A month ago it was the farthest thing from my mind. I was throwing up everyday 6 to 10 times a day! I had no energy at all. Did not even know if I would be able to go to convention or not. I couldn’t even make any gifts for my family for the holidays.

But now, a month or so later I’m having more energy. I’m not taking naps in the afternoon anymore. Which is so NOT me to take naps. *lol* And I’m able to stay up past 6:00 now. Heck! I was ready for bed around 4:00 but struggled to stay awake until at least 6:00

okay! On to a glorious gratitude day!!!

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I am on day 3 of the book by Rhonda Byrne The Magic. This morning I wrote out my 10 gratitude blessings & read practice No.3 – Magical Relationships.
Looking forward to applying this to my daily life. In the Passion Parties circles I notice there is a lot of talk about the Universal Law of Attraction, power of positive thought…

My daughter actually had bought me The Magic book over a year ago. I had started reading it. Then slacked off. Then my sister Jenny mentioned it. And I was surprised that she was interested in something that I already had. And she has been applying this to her life at full force and her business has really sky rocketed! It’s really impressive to me how she thinks and applies positive thought and magic of gratitude  to her life everyday. I had really slacked off on all of this. And have not been happy.  I decided to make 2013 full of abundance for me. To make a lot more change in my life & take my business by storm to the top. And to receive out of life what I really want.

I’ve created a facebook group for other DIVA’s who are reading or interested in reading The Magic. Or if you have or are reading The Secret, and actively applying the practices to your life.
The Magick Secret – facebook group

If I believe it – I can achieve it!

I am even thinking about making ‘The Magic’ book a part of my new consultant welcome package.