2013 Passion Resolution

My 2013 Passion Parties Business Resolution

I will take a deliberate dedicated approach to my business.

  • I will be on all team calls and elevation calls no matter how tired I am from my nursing job
  • I will keep my Team Leader status by generating over $300.00 in personal retail sales every month
  • I will elevate beyond Team Leader to the next elevation of Team Manager
  • I will take advantage of every opportunity to spread passion in and outside of my community, by talking about my business proudly
  • I will organize my home, my business, my mind and workspace
  • I will write a schedule, stick to it, and run a successful business because of it
  • I am always prepared with pretty samples & business card handouts in my purse.
  • I will read my ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne book everyday & write out my 10 blessings each morning
  • I will meditate everyday to manage my depression & anxiety
  • I will never give up

I am ready to grow my business by inviting others to join my team – Enchanted Passion! http://juliejenks.yourpassionconsultant.com http://facebook.com/PassionPotion Follow Me – http://twitter.com/#!/PassionFey Friend Me – http://facebook.com/JulieSJenks Skype I.D. – PassionFey e-mail – juliespassionparties@gmail.com

Your Passion is my Pleasure ~ Your Pleasure is my passion!


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