Party No.5-Lander,Wy.

My 5th party has been my most memorable party for so many different reasons. My very 1st G-spot party!! woohoo!! Which in Passion Parties refers to a party with over $1,000.00 in retail sales. Sold my very 1st Lelo Soraya! Which is a high end adult novelty. (retail price $199.00) Great great group of fun open ladies! MY kind of crowd. They asked questions, wanted to see products, and all had a really great time and so did I. THAT is the kind of party I have been wanting so bad!! I’m very very happy with this party. I drove the 3 hours over to Lander. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I’d much rather drive south than north to Billings, Montana… The hostess was very happy with her hostess discounts. She was able to get the lelo for 1/2 price and $75.00 off the rest of her order. So it was exciting for me too, to be able to get such good deals on the goodies she wanted. Her discounts were so awesome she even threw in another item *lol*

I am ready to add a new consultant to my team again now. Almost signed one from this party. I met a gal that would be SO perfect. But she wasn’t 100% ready to commit to the cost of a demo kit on top of her order I think. So I let her take some info home & she said she would call me later on.


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