Feeling ultra fabulous about my business. Doing my own thing, my own way. Collecting documents, planning, printing…

I got a lead passed to me from my sponsor. And I have the BEST sponsor on the planet. She is my birth sister!! *hee hee* Okay, now that I’ve done a shameless plug for my sister Jenny. – She sent me a lead she got on a party in Billings. So, I followed up on it immed. Got it confirmed! Woohoo!! She’s excited. I’m excited.  This will be my 1st time driving to and around Billings. And my 1st bachelorette/bridal shower party too. So this should be a lot of fun! Have my hostess packet all put together and ready to mail out tomorrow. Bridal Bux are all printed out.

Tomorrow I will be going to check on a possible hostess in person. A friend texted me over the weekend asking about my next passion party, that she knows someone who was asking about me. Come to find out its someone I handed a out a sample to a few days before! So that makes me really happy. Because if I hadn’t taken the opportunity to do that, then I would be loosing out on a party booking. And I have a party booked for November 3rd.  By being a qualified consultant and having 2 consultants under me; that elevates me to the title of Team Leader. A Team Leader has 1-5 consultants under her. So now my next step to qualify to get paid as a Team Leader is to have more than $300.00 in personal retail sales in addition to having $100.00 in retail sales by my front line (my 1st line of consultants). I feel like I’m working harder at this and taking it more seriously and actually ‘trying’ to make it happen.

During the month of October – being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – I am offering 20% discount for anyone who places an order on my website using the code BCAPARTY

If you book during the month of October the hostess also gets an automatic 20% off their order. With all the discounts and credits the potential to earn free products are pretty high! Our new winter product specials are available October 15th! If you sign with me as a consultant during the month of October you can recieve lots of extras.


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