Fabulous Day!

Fabulous Divalicious day today. I have 3  home healthcare clients on Thursdays. 1 of them grows quite a lot of her own herbs and things. I got a bunch of fresh chives from her today. I always enjoy talking herbs n’ stuff with anyone who will listen. *lol* Maybe I will be able to get some starters for lavender and rosemary too. ?

I took a customer her passion parties order at work. Which also gave me the opportunity to talk to other ladies about my business. I handed out 3 more cards, booked a party for later on this month. woohooo!!! Last night I went to 1 of the bars with my husband to pick up a case of bacon he ordered from the cysco delivery & I passed out 4 samples with my biz card in cute pink organza bags & talked to them about the breast cancer awareness deal I have going for the month of October. I also threw in 2 samples with the order I delivered.

I’d say if you can deliver to customer’s place of business. Go for it!! There is a big potential for future bookings. They are going to show everyone what they got. If they like what they ordered, they are going to talk about it to their co-workers, etc… I am very discreet with my delivery. I use passion parties delivery sacks. Which does not display their name on the sack. It’s pretty, its attractive. I enclose their bill of sale inside the sack. And I staple the sack closed.

During the month of October – anyone who books a party with me gets an automatic 20% off their total order.
Take notice that I said ‘books’ not ‘holds their party in October’ 😉
In addition to all the other totally cool freebies & discounts you will get as a hostess.

Hold your party on the original date – 20% off any item.

The sales of your party without the hostess order is $250.00 or more then you get 30% off any item.
To read more about my hostess rewards program:
http://juliejenks.yourpassionconsultant.com (click ‘special offers’)

Have a Passion filled day 😉 ~ Julie


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