Wonderful Day!


I started back to work (home healthcare) today; from my Washington vacation/PassionPower-Seattle. Did a lil’ prayer this morning before work. Had a terrific day. Got to work on my own for the 1st time today. I wasn’t running way behind or feeling lost or anything like that. The highlight of my day though was being asked not once but TWICE by 2 different ladies about my ‘other’ business. And if I had a catalog on me. I’ve run out. Because of giving so many out in the beginning. *giggles* But directed them to my website, letting them know it has a shopping cart, contact form, etc… If they’d like to have a party, place an order. And that I’m looking for consultants to build my team as well as hostesses to hold a party.

One of them even told me that she would most definatly come if I were to have an open house! Wooohooo!!
New catalogs come out in mid-October anyway along with holiday inserts. I plan on getting those. So no since in getting new books right now anyway… Sure does make me feel really great that I’m finally starting to find some people that aren’t small minded about my business that I believe in so strongly!!

http://juliejenks.yourpassionconsultant.com – stop by my site. find out what Passion Parties is all about.
Now Hiring!

Plumeria Creamy Massage Oil and
Amazing Hot Massager

My Passion Parties local business samples

Business Sample

Preparing Samples


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