PassionPower 2012

Where do I begin? wow!!! Well, I’m very shy and not an outgoing person at all. But I want to change that a little bit. So, I attended an event seminar all by myself. I did try to back out at the last minute. I had a HUGE amount of anxiety on the day before my husband and I left on our trip. (wednesday). But my daughter was forcing me. And I didn’t tell my husband or my sister how I felt. Then I was fine, that feeling passed. And then the day of passion power came. Saturday August 25th, I had horrible dreams that my husband was gay & I caught him with his boyfriend. *lol* and that I didn’t hear my alarm and missed passion power. And I didn’t want to go at all! I totally wanted to skip it. This is a lot of the reasons why I did not attend school. *lol* yess. as a new friend calls it – people anxiety!!

But I went. I did it. I made new friends, I had fun. I learned new powerful tools for my business and my path in life. Aaaaamazzzzing! Amazing! Transforming! I identified so many things about myself. I learned ways to deal with it, and live my life, and grow my passion parties business.

It totally makes may day that my sister Jenny says she is so proud of me. whew! I love it!

I have a party booked for tomorrow with my son’s girlfriend. And i’m crossing my fingers for some leads coming from that party. :D

I’ve learned over the weekend at passion power – that it is okay to be me. it is ok to be shy. Own it! And that I’m a big damn deal! I’m important. I deserve success. And I deserve the amount of success that I want. People that do not elevate to the next level in this company or in their lives – it is because they mentally set limits for themselves and listen to that aweful negative voice that tells them no. So I do not always recognize when I do it. But I am going to identify from now on when I am doing that and stop. And move forward, even when I’m scared. After all, what am I scared of? I’m scared someone will make fun of me, i’m scared someone will laugh. I’m scared of being a joke. I’m scared of success. That means I will have to try. It’s so so much easier to not try. not expect anything. and fail. That is so easy! More to come later… and this will be re-copied to my passion blog. ummm let my domain slip while i’m on vacation. lol

^   (view seattle and seattle passion power pics)


Me at PassionPower in Seattle!!!


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